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A Headache Free Life… The 3 Common Causes

Do you know someone suffering from headaches? We are excited to be launching our new online education webinar series. Every month we’ll be taking a deep dive in to specific health condition and very simple solutions. This month we are talking all about the impact of headaches on peoples quality of life! Did you know […]

Fish Oil & Omega 3’s: The Questions & Answers

Are you taking fish oil? Are you taking enough? How do you know for sure? A new blood test available can now answer these questions for you. Omega 3’s are the beneficial fats found in your fish oil. The Omega 3 blood test can accurately measure the amount of Omega 3’s in your blood, this […]

Get the Benefits of Exercise in Just 10 Minutes or Less!

We all know how important exercise is for our health and is probably the single most important thing to do for your well being. The far-reaching benefits of simply walking 30 minutes per day recorded in the literature include… Prevent up to 91% of obesity cases and Type 2 diabetes. Prevent 50% of all heart […]